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Tour Guide Systems
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It is Tour Guide Systems, consisting of a radio transmitter with a microphone for the guide and receiver with headphones for tourists.
Now you can directly rent the tour guide systems in Vienna and receive decent and convenient service on the spot.


Preparation of complete equipment sets (transmitter + required number of receivers).


Delivery of complete equipment sets for tour groups to anywhere in Vienna.


We take support seriously, making sure you can quickly get the expert help you need. Our support services offers technical assistance and self-help options.


Using this type of equipment gives you a lot of market advantages as for a professional tourist, interpretation or technical service provider.


Travel agencies and guides


Conferences, Workshops, Congresses, Seminars


Industrial Trips and Events


We are using carefully qualified equipment and accessory items such as transmitters, receivers, earphones, headphones, and microphones.

Transmitter / Receivers

This system has 60 channels (15 of which can be used simultaneously). The transmission range is up to 100m. Unused channels on the receivers can be locked to stop listeners from accidently changing channels during the event.


Hands-free or clip-on microphones for indoor and outdoor use with 3,5 mm jack. Omnidirectional. Solid quality. Excellent sensitivity, with windfoam.

Mono Earclip Headphone

The mono earclip with strong volume output will hang on either ear, leaving the other free. Moreover, it does not enter the ear canal.

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